What are the advantages of real over fake Christmas trees?

It is estimated that real trees use ten times fewer basic materials and five times less energy than artificial trees. Additionally, all waste can be made into compost. And of course, real trees come with a real tree smell and look.

Why should I buy a real Christmas tree from Cinde’s Best Trees?

Cinde’s Best Trees endeavors to provide excellent quality trees, with good needle retention, in a range of species including the traditional Noble and Douglas firs.  The large number and choice of trees offers a very good selection – your ideal tree will be there somewhere! (Though it’s even better if you check the blog for shipment updates)

Where are the Christmas trees sold by Cinde’s Best Trees grown? 

All Cinde’s Best Trees are sustainably grown on plantations in the NW especially for the festive tree market. They are harvested between six and ten years old and for every tree felled at least one is planted.

What species of trees are sold as Christmas trees?

Douglas Firs – Native to the NW, Douglas Firs, or “dougs”, are one of the most popular Christmas tree species. They have dark green or blue green needles, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, soft to the touch. The needle pattern goes in all directions, long and prolific, giving the tree an overall warm look.

Nobles – a western North American fir, native to the Cascade Range of western Oregon and Washington in the United States, with have a beautiful, almost spruce like appearance and soft blue-green needles on evenly spaced strong branches that are perfect for heavy ornaments. When one thinks of the traditional Christmas tree, this is it.

We usually stock a specialty tree of some kind like Grand Firs or Blue Spruce. This year we will carry Canaan. We update our site/blog to let you know what/when we get them in stock!

How do you keep real Christmas trees looking good?

  •  Store in a cool place before bringing indoors
  •  Keep away from direct heat
  •  Cut half an inch off the stump and stand in a container full of water
  •  Water regularly – a Christmas tree can drink up to a pint of water a day

Can you guarantee that all Christmas trees sold by Cinde’s Best Trees are sustainably grown?

Cinde’s Best Trees only sells trees that are grown in a sustainable manner in the NW – for every tree harvested another is replanted.  Our trees are harvested from sites that we inspect regularly to ensure that they are being managed sustainably.

How do you pronounce the name?

“Cinde” is short for “Cinde’ Kay,” a french name but we just pronounce her name “Cindy.”

Is Cinde a real person?

Oh ya, Cinde has been doing this Christmas tree thing for nearly two decades. Come on down and meet her!

What else should I know about Cinde’s Best Trees?

A percentage of every tree, every year goes toward a charity. The charity changes from year to year, but be sure to ask where your tree is supporting! Cinde’s Best Trees also donates trees to families in need every year so everyone can have a good Christmas. We hope the spirit of generosity spreads!

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