All Cinde’s Best Trees are sustainably harvested in the Northwest. It is estimated that real trees use ten times fewer basic materials and five times less energy than artificial trees. Additionally, all waste can be made into compost. And of course, real trees come with a real tree smell and look.

We always carry our flagship tree species and usually have some sort of specialty species like Grand Fir in stock. Heights range from 5′-12′ (subject to stock) and 2′ Table Tops. Prices range from $17-$125. Check the home page for update posts on stock.

Noble Firs

Nobles are one of flagship trees. Native to the Cascade Mountains, Nobles have a blue/green tint with a rounded needle pattern.

With strong branches, they are perfect for heavy ornaments. Nobles are what most people think of as the quintessential Christmas tree.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Firs, or “dougs,” are our other flagship tree. They have a needle pattern that goes in all directions leaving a soft look overall to the tree.

Dougs, as one of the most popular Christmas tree species, are a holiday classic.

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